State Senate Puts Marijuana Legalization on Hold

Residential landlords will face a thicket of new issues through which they’ll have to find a path, from tenants who want to smoke marijuana in their units through ones who want to grow it.

The push to legalize recreational use of marijuana has suffered a setback in Concord.

The state Senate voted Thursday to delay action on a legalization bill until late December or early next year. The bill had passed the House in April, but not with enough votes to override a promised veto by Republican Gov. Chris Sununu. Sen. Martha Hennessey, a Hanover Democrat, said the Senate Judiciary Committee was unanimous in believing that the issue needs further consideration.

Ten states have legalized recreational marijuana – including the three bordering New Hampshire, though Vermont has yet to enact a mechanism to sell or regulate it. Efforts to legalize it in New York and New Jersey fizzled out this year.